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Workshop & Event

Roos Dijkhuizen

Becoming Understood / Becoming Known

29 May 2018 
42 St Andrew Street
Aberdeen, AB25 1JA


7 September 2018
No. 8
Aberdeen, AB10 6RD
Supported by Aberdeen City Council.
Images by Tendency Towards.

The flag making workshop Becoming Understood lead by artist Roos Dijkhuizen encouraged participants to reflect on the term ‘becoming’. Collectively the group created a collaborative flag  to later be distributed to artist-run organisations across Scotland.  Prior to distribution, t he outcome of the workshop was celebrated with an exhibition and potluck dinner at the artist-run space No. 8.

Roos Dijkhuizen is an artist using print and installation to create curious objects that look at jarring natural states and alternating communities, in nature and in human constructs. Roos uses various materials and processes to bring together possible overlaps and scales of existing and disembodied worlds. Her ways of analysis involve collaboration and collective making, to be present in an exchange and reshaping of perception and the collective action that can occur made via these things.

Her interest in the subject of becoming , all possibilities and all people to embody a direction of transformation , can also be described as a becoming which never becomes, a transitive sensation - the flight - becoming-animal , becoming-woman , becoming-molecular , a becoming which is neither evolution or asymptote but a certain turning / turning inward / turning out of it / turning at last. (extract from The Argonauts.)