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Hot Take: Travelling Crit

19 February, 5, 19 March 2019
7pm - 9:30pm

Hot Take is a meandering crit open to practitioners based in Aberdeen, moving between the multitude of spaces emerging artists occupy.  Tendency Towards recognises that studio and working space is a premium within the makeup of Aberdeen’s creative ecology, leading to a lack of resources for critical feedback and exposure for those who choose - or have no other option - to work nomadically or informally.

We invite creative practitioners, inclusive of visual artists, designers, musicians, coders and collectives, to spend every second Tuesday evening together between 19th February and 19th March to present projects or individual works which they feel are in need of feedback. Hot Take will travel between three sites each evening, which can be your flat, studio, cafe - wherever your practice is currently based.

It is free to take part in Hot Take but essential to reserve your space. For this initial trial period we are seeking 9 participants*, and we ask that you can commit to coming to every evening.  

The sessions are open to collectives or groups, a place on the crits will be treated as one individual. Sessions will be arranged around proximity of working spaces, with an attempt made to not stay in the same location (i.e not staying in the same studio complex). 

Session format:

  • Tuesday 19th Feb, 5th, 19th March
  • 7pm - 9.30pm
  • 3 slots per session
  • 10 mins presentation, 20 mins feedback
Applications should be submitted by 6pm, 10th February.

To apply please send a document (up to 300 words) to introducing yourself, project or work you are seeking feedback for, and contact details. Also include where you would like the crit to take place (your flat, specific cafe or studio complex). This information is purely for planning purposes and will not be shared with any group or organisation outside of Tendency Towards. 

Find the FB event here.

*We are seeking to reserve these slots for those currently not studying on a full-time course, and ask students not to book places at this time. We are working on a format for the future which can be inclusive of students.