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Tendency Towards seeks to promote and support emerging talent within contemporary arts practices, carving out a space for experimental approaches to arts production within the city’s creative ecology.  Alongside a programme of exhibitions and events, the committee actively explores collaborative modes of production as a group, engaging with other projects and initiatives within the city and beyond to address civic and labor issues. These methods of collaborative production, and thinking of an artist-run programme as a civic meeting point, are currently being explored by Tendency Towards in a series of future projects.

The initiative was founded in 2016 by six Gray’s School of Art students: Yvette Bathgate, Jessica Barrie, Paula Buškevica, Donald Butler, Mary Gordon and Jake Shepherd.


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Tendency Towards is kindly supported by Aberdeen City Council’s Creative Fund.

Additional thanks to: Peacock Visual Arts, Look Again Visual Arts and Design Festival,  LUX Scotland, Aberdeen Student Radio